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Our Mission


As youth development organization we support youth entrepreneurs to contribute more in the national economy development to absorb/reduce the unemployment in Yemen by creating business incubators and youth social initiatives incubators. We also provide high standard training in field of ICT and Management as a part of capacity building for the SMEs and NGOs in addition to professional consultancies. Building open source community in Yemen to be the main cost-effective source of IT solutions for the NGOs , SMEs and enterprises. Starting initiatives in field of education and healthcare 

Goals and Objectives

  • Reduce the gap between the universities and market
  • Creating first business incubator for ICT in Yemen with privet sector and international organization partnership
  • Creating first Youth social initiatives incubator in Yemen
  • starting training program for Open source technology and business Management
  • Initiate  a project to support the schools management as a part of education improvement initiative
  • promoting ICT and open source solutions for SME's, NGOs and enterprises

Our Vision


Leading ICT organizations in Promoting ICT to be part of the national GDP , being the leader in building the capacity of  NGOs and SMEs






Our Team


Our team has a wide range of competencies including information technology, project management, economic research, private sector development, public administration reform, strategic planning, and human resources development. Our team has been involved in numerous large-scale projects serving the private and public sector.


Project Management in turbulence Time Workshop in Al-Amal Bank

05 April 2018
Project Management in turbulence Time Workshop in Al-Amal Bank

The New Vision Foundation has conducted today, March 22, 2018, a workshop in coordination with Ultimate-STC and Al-Amal bank at Al-Amal bank's headquarters in Sana'a. Titled "Project Management in Turbulence...

All-Times Entrepreneurs Seminar

28 November 2017
All-Times Entrepreneurs Seminar

The New Vision for Youth Development Foundation organized a seminar entitled "All-Times Entrepreneurs" in Sanaa. During the seminar, which was attended by a number of young entrepreneurs, the President of...

New Vision launch ceremony

03 March 2015
New Vision launch ceremony

On the third of March 2015 in Sana'a the new vision Foundation for Youth Development has been launched as a new civil society organizations strengthen the role of information and...

Introducing Open-source Solution for Enterprise To Y-GSM Yemen

09 December 2014
Introducing Open-source Solution for Enterprise To Y-GSM Yemen

In two sessions New Vision's team introduce some of the open-source enterprise solutions and agile project management to the Y-GSM IT and Technical team. The Y-GSM IT and Technical team...

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Sana’a, Republic of Yemen

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